Services to the Homeowner

Did you know that 70% or more of the cost for remodeling baths and kitchens is recouped at resale?  Invest in something you can both enjoy and resell!  We understand that the details of your home are very important, but at the same time can become overwhelming. Our experience at Crescent Baths & Kitchens allows us to tailor your selections to incorporate your personal tastes while keeping sight of your budget. Specifically, we offer:

  • A personal design consultant to work with you throughout your project
  • Showroom facilities providing you with hands-on exposure to hundreds of products from dozens of sources
  • A specialized set of products to address users with physical challenges
  • A product library of literally tens of thousands of product offerings
  • Referrals to local contractors, should you need one
  • Entertainment center to occupy those who may not be as involved in the selection process

Preparing for Your Visit

  • You are free to visit us any time. To provide you with the best personal service we suggest making an appointment in advance.
  • Bring your plans – This is our starting point for understanding your requirements.
  • Think about any budget constraints. Your builder has likely included a fixed allowance in your contract. Know what that allowance is.
  • Have you seen pictures or have samples of styles you like? Bring them with you. This helps our designers understand your tastes.
  • Your visit will likely last over an hour. Wear comfortable shoes. Small children may grow impatient during your visit. We offer television and a DVD player to help keep them (or your spouse!) entertained. Parents are asked to keep their children attended at all times.